SIBERINA is a Russian company that creates unique and 100% natural cosmetics based on Siberian herbs.

Siberia is the priceless "storehouse" of Russia. Tens of thousands of kilometers stretched meadows, steppes and forests of this majestic part of the planet. The variable severe climate of most Siberian regions forces plants to adapt to it, accumulating the maximum amount of nutrients. That is why the herbs of Siberia are famous for their medicinal and antioxidant properties.

Thousands of grasses, berries and trees give all their benefits to man, giving a natural recovery of the whole body, youth and beauty for many years. The nature of Siberia is a place almost untouched by technology. The purity of natural resources rightly allows us to call Siberia the last place on Earth, where the virgin purity of nature is preserved, without human interference. That is why, all plants are really curative, as well as cosmetics, consisting of them.

Based on various studies and analyzes, we created unique recipes for Siberina cosmetics, which have no analogues either in Russia or abroad. The whole strength of the Siberian herbs and berries we have kept for you almost in its original form. So that you can fully experience the full value of the useful properties of plants.

All the ingredients for our cosmetics are harvested in the places of collection of plants, which qualitatively affects the preservation of useful properties. Careful selection of herbs, formulation of formulas that preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements, contributes to the creation of natural cosmetics, aimed at improving skin and hair.

Completely manual work, not only when collecting herbs, but also in the manufacture of cosmetics, eliminates the negative impact on the ingredients, maximally preserving their useful properties.

We create for you a truly unique makeup so that you can preserve your natural beauty and health for many years to come.


SIBERINA products are manufactured in Kirov (Kirov region), Russia, from the best natural certified components, the safety of which has been checked by laboratory and clinical tests. We produce effective and completely safe cosmetics for our customers. At all stages of production, strict quality control is carried out. Each product has the necessary certificates.


·       Sulfates (SLS, ALS, LSN and others)

SLS and SLES is a cheap surfactant. Aggressive to the skin components that have strong detergent properties. Widely used in cosmetics that require cleansing properties. For example, sodium lauryl, ammonium lauryl sulfate. SLS and ALS can irritate the skin and mucous membranes, aggravate atopic dermatitis, the composition of toothpastes can lead to disease, accumulation in the lens of the eye increases the risk of cataracts. SLS and ALS are dry hair, making them brittle and split ends that can contribute to hair loss and dandruff. Stimulate active sebaceous glands. And as a consequence there is a need for more frequent shampooing. Sulfates react with many components of cosmetics, forming nitrosamine (nitrates) and carcinogenic dioxins. They also penetrate the skin and then into the blood. Almost not excreted from the body by the liver.

·       Mineral oil

Mineral oil – a liquid mixture of high molecular weight hydrocarbons obtained by refining of crude oil. Unlike natural oils, they are only physically by creating a film on the surface of the skin, nourish the skin. It has a moisturizing effect, but disturbs the natural functioning of the skin. The same way mineral oil does not break down in nature, leading to environmental pollution.

— vaseline

— paraffin (paraffinum liquidum, paraffinic)

— paraffin oil (paraffin oil)


·       Parabens

Cheap synthetic chemicals used as preservatives. Can cause allergies. It is likely that are one of the main factors in the development of breast cancer in women.

·       Propylene glycol

Synthetic component used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and emulsifier. Irritates the mucous membranes, aggravates acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

·       Artificial colors

Dyes are many. We use only guaranteed safe natural dyes.

·       Artificial flavors

Just as with dyes, we adhere to a strategy of using only guaranteed safe natural fragrances.

·       Artificial preservatives

We do not use synthetic preservatives, which is why the shelf life of our cosmetics does not exceed 1 year in closed form. We use only natural and safe preservatives.



·       Unique recipes and technologies of SIBERINA brand

All recipes and techniques are unique and created by our technician based on years of experience. You will not find complete analogues of our cosmetics among Russian and foreign manufacturers.

·       High quality raw materials

In our cosmetic products, you will NOT find sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, PEG, harmful preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, which adversely affect the human body. We use only 100% natural extracts, medicinal herbs, essential oils and vegetable oils, and other safe for human ingredients.

·       Our products are not aimed at achieving instant results, and for healthy skin, teeth and hair person, to restore their protective functions and natural beauty

Our experts carefully check the composition of each cosmetic product until then, until you get the highest quality product. We do not strive for a complex and beautiful composition, we choose those ingredients that will work and give the desired result.

·       Handmade

We prepare our cosmetics in small batches – we have no Assembly line, so the whole process from selection of components, weighing the oils to the packaging of the finished product made by craftsmen who love their work.

·       Product quality conforms to all European norms and standards

We do not test our products on animals. Evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetic products is carried out solely by analytical methods, the final stage which is the testing of the product on volunteers. Our products are also no ingredients of animal origin.

·       We combine 100% natural cosmetics and manual labor with the appropriate cost, which is available to every woman

All products "Siberina" we provide them a complete composition, not hiding a single ingredient that was used in the manufacture of our cosmetics and replacing them with abstract definitions. Also the compositions of all products "Siberina" duplicated on our site, so you always have the opportunity to examine them before buying. Thus, our buyers know what is included in the composition of a product, and you can be sure that you are buying a truly natural product.

·       It is important to create a brand that people will trust

We are not going to stop work on the development of new formulations and products are conducted every day, our range is constantly updated.

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