New SIBERINA. Hair care with keratin

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the hair reflects the state of your health as a whole. By the gloss (or lack of it), structure and degree of fragility, you can determine how much the body has enough vitamins. If the hair has a healthy shine, does not fall out and does not split, then the happy owner can be calm about the state of her hair. If the curls are noticeably dimmed, because of dryness they have become too brittle and are no longer even split at the ends – then it's time to save the hairstyle and start making up for the lack of nutrients.

What is keratin?

Everyone knows that keratin is an element that restores the structure of the hair, making it shiny and beautiful, like the girls from the advertising. But not everyone knows what exactly this substance is, what it contains and how it works, and yet, it is the main building element, occupying 85% of the composition of the hair shaft.

Keratin is a fibrillar protein that has increased mechanical strength. And in simple words, it is a composite particle of horns, claws, animal hair, as well as human hair and nails. Keratins are divided into hard (horns and nails) and soft (wool and hair), and both types occupy the main share of the composition – almost 90%.

Keratin directly affects not only the strength, but also the speed of hair growth. The rod consists almost entirely of scales, which are adjacent to each other in layers.

Siberina has released a series of hair products with keratin for you!

A set of shampoo and conditioner with keratin and hyaluronic acid «Deep hydration» for dry and damaged hair, as well as a mask with keratin «Deep hydration» for dry and damaged hair-just a whole cool and effective set for the beauty and health of your hair! Hydrolyzed keratin and creatine fill the voids in the hair shaft, repair damage from the inside, give a healthy shine and softness. Hyaluronic acid promotes deep hydration of the hair, improves the metabolic processes in the scalp, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

Shampoo with keratin and hyaluronic acid «Deep hydration»

Conditioner with keratin and hyaluronic acid «Deep hydration»

Mask with keratin and hyaluronic acid «Deep hydration»

Dull and lifeless hair, increased greasiness and sensitivity of the scalp, peeling and itching - all these are signs of a violation of the pH balance. For normal or prone to greasy hair, we have developed the following new products:

Shampoo and conditioner with keratin and B vitamins «Restoring the natural balance» for normal and oily hair. Vitamin B6 is a real beauty elixir for hair: it gets a smoother structure, grows strong and healthy along the entire length. Vitamin B3 accelerates the renewal and stimulates the regeneration of cells, calms the irritation of the scalp.

Shampoo with keratin and B vitamins «Restoring the natural balance»

Conditioner with keratin and B vitamins «Restoring the natural balance»

Shampoo and conditioner with keratin and argan oil «Color retention» for dark hair. This set helps to maintain a beautiful, rich shade, smoothness and radiance of dark hair, preventing color washout, dehydration and weakening of curls.

Shampoo with keratin and argan oil «Color retention»

Conditioner with keratin and argan oil «Color retention»

Over time, the coloring pigment is washed out, and lightened curls can acquire an ugly yellowish hue, become dry, dull and lifeless. Shampoo and conditioner with keratin «Neutralization of brassiness» for light and highlighted hair gives softness and volume, facilitates combing and styling. Regular use removes yellowing and helps maintain a beautiful, rich blonde, smooth and radiant hair, preventing its dehydration and weakening.

Shampoo with keratin «Brassiness neutralization»

Conditioner with keratin «Brassiness neutralization»

And another new product is a shampoo and conditioner with arginine and keratin «Hair growth activation and strengthening». This kit stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which improves the nutrition of tissues, the necessary substances better reach the hair follicles, accelerates hair growth. Your hair looks and feels great!

Shampoo with arginine and keratin «Hair growth activation and strengthening»

Conditioner with arginine and keratin «Hair growth activation and strengthening»

Let your hair always be silky, healthy and smooth!

New products of SIBERINA. Hair care with aphrodisiacs

In fact, any fragrance can play the role of an aphrodisiac, it's all about olfactory preferences: some excite the trail, others-the aroma of freshly baked buns, others-the smell of freshly mown hay. But the most famous aromatic aphrodisiacs are, of course, essential oils, each of which consists not even of hundreds, but of thousands of bioactive components that have a very different effect. They can excite, soothe, tone, lift the mood, reduce the production of some hormones and increase the production of others ... The psychoemotional effect of essential oils is one of the most multifaceted and poorly studied. Recognized aphrodisiacs – essential oils of ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, geranium, sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot. But do not forget about the main rule of aromatherapy: the aroma should be liked.

Alone with a loved one, you do not want to be distracted by small things: only you and your feelings are in the foreground. Siberina series with aphrodisiacs is a collection of cool and necessary remedies with aphrodisiacs and a rich aroma.

Now in the series there is a 2-in-1 shampoo-gel and a hair conditioner with aphrodisiacs! Let's get acquainted!

Shampoo-gel 2 in 1 for men «Chocolate playboy» and «Magic Cedar» with aphrodisiacs - a product for men who are always on the move and appreciate their time. It perfectly cleanses, provides comprehensive care for hair, scalp and body, and gives energy for new feats. And the attractive aroma of chocolate will not leave indifferent any girl who will be near!


Shampoo and hair conditioner «Awakening of Tenderness» with aphrodisiacs give an exquisite floral fragrance and awaken the imagination, making you incredibly attractive to the opposite sex! And of course, they moisturize and soften the hair and scalp, help the cells better absorb vitamins, relieve irritation of the scalp, improve the structure of the hair, increase elasticity and stimulate their growth.

Shampoo and hair conditioner «Elixir of Love» with aphrodisiacs relieve irritation of the scalp, improve the structure of the hair, increase elasticity and stimulate their growth. WHEAT PROTEINS make up for the lack of moisture in the cells, have an antistatic effect and give radiance. ESSENTIAL OILS OF ROSE AND SANDALWOOD give a luxurious sensual fragrance and awaken the imagination, making you incredibly attractive to the opposite sex!

Shampoo and hair conditioner «Secret of your attractiveness» with aphrodisiacs make up for the lack of moisture in the cells, have an antistatic effect and give radiance. ESSENTIAL OILS OF GRAPEFRUIT AND CINNAMON give an amazing citrus-spicy aroma and awaken the imagination, making you incredibly attractive to the opposite sex!

Natural body cream oil

Body cream oil has a number of invaluable benefits in skin care, and especially these benefits become important in the autumn-winter period. The fact is that the oil nourishes the skin much more intensively than the lotion, and at the same time «seals» in it much more moisture.

Intensive nutrition and hydration of the skin helps to preserve its youth, smoothness and tone for many years. For this purpose, it is best to use natural remedies. It is safe for sensitive skin, and also allows you to enjoy the sensual and pleasant aroma that organic extracts produce.

Soothing body cream oil «Lavender» not only moisturizes and nourishes, but also restores damaged skin, relieves all irritations, redness and inflammation of various etiologies.

Moisturizing body cream oil «Rose» has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes rapid cell regeneration, softens and moisturizes the skin, makes it soft, eliminates peeling.

Anti-cellulite body cream oil «Citrus» increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, eliminates shallow facial wrinkles, nourishes and softens the skin, protecting it from moisture loss, drying and peeling. Helps restore the acid-base and lipid balance of the skin.

How to use: Scoop with your fingers and apply to the skin with massage movements. Use it as often as necessary.


Natural solid shampoos-concentrates

For several years, the hearts of fans of eco-friendly cosmetics have been given to solid shampoos for their naturalness. What is a solid shampoo?

Usually, solid shampoos work either on saponified lye fats or on sulfates. With saponified fats, we have all met more than once — in fact, this is an ordinary soap that cleanses perfectly, but can dry the scalp and the hair itself. Sulfates are different in their degree of aggressiveness and are not recommended for sensitive scalp. However, now in the manufacture of solid shampoos, the infamous SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) is increasingly replaced by soft surfactants of plant origin, which are obtained from coconut oil.

Exactly natural solid shampoos of the new generation with a soft washing base that win hearts women all over the world.

The main advantages of solid shampoos^
You can really appreciate their advantages on the road.
• Carelessly thrown at the bottom of the cosmetic bag, the shampoo will not spill and will not stain anything.
• In addition, it does not need to be poured into a travel container, and it easily gives a sea of foam with any water. When traveling, this is especially true, because you never know how hard the water in the hotel will be.
Another advantage: in the solid format, the concentration of natural substances — oils, plant extracts, esters-is higher than in conventional shampoos. But the preservatives that so often cause allergies and peeling, in a solid shampoo can not be found, because it needs less synthetic preservative additives.
Add to this the economical consumption, natural fragrance, deep cleansing, and it becomes clear why many women have completely switched to multi-colored tiles.

To find the perfect product, experts recommend focusing on the needs of the scalp and the condition of the hair.

With the problem of dry hair, shampoo concentrate «Deep moisturizing» will turn dry hair into soft and silky. Almond oil wraps each hair with a protective film and nourishes the scalp. Essential oils of ylang-ylang and sage eliminate dryness-the hair stops breaking, and extracts of oregano, chamomile and mountain ash improve the work of the sebaceous glands, strengthen the hair shaft and give the curls radiance. Feel free to use this wonderful natural remedy, and you will forget about dryness and "straw" on your head.

It is believed that a solid shampoo can finally «eat» a poor volume on thin and poorly growing hair. For this type, we have created shampoo-concentrate «For volume and hair growth». You will be surprised when you see your hair after washing and drying: jojoba oil will give it strength, strengthen and make it thicker. Wheat protein will eliminate static electricity, and thanks to the essential oil of Siberian cedar, hair will grow faster and become thicker. Extracts of strawberries and calamus add shine and make the strands more manageable — you can put them in any hairstyle.

Shampoo-concentrate «Color protection and restoration» would prolong the brightness and beauty of colored hair. One can forget about such problems as the rapid fading of colored hair and damage in the form of dryness and brittleness. Shea butter and wheat protein will repair damage after coloring or lightening, restore the water balance of the epidermis and prevent moisture loss. Cinnamon essential oil perfectly stimulates blood circulation, accelerating hair growth, and extracts of oak and juniper bark will make them stronger and restore shine to even the most dull strands.

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