New SIBERINA: energizing lip gloss.

We all know perfectly well how much men love oral sex, and women love new lip glosses. It would seem that these concepts are incompatible. But the opposite also happens! This time Siberina invites its fans to acquire an exciting gloss, both for lips and lips and nipples with dizzying aromas, as well as, most importantly, with an exciting cooling effect that will surprise your partner.

Imagine this contrast: the seductively sweet taste of your lips, the warm breath and the exciting coolness of your lips. Anyone will lose their head with passion! So this lip gloss is perfect not only for everyday mike-up, but also for special passionate evenings.

- the gloss itself is transparent, but it draws attention to your lips with a light glossy overflow, makes them more attractive and desirable;

- lips become more voluminous and visually enlarged;

- cooling and warming ingredients in the composition make your lip color more intense;

- while kissing, you and your partner can enjoy light and pleasant tastes of vanilla, chocolate, coconut;

- oral sex will seem unforgettable!

Let's already get acquainted with our delicate novelties!

Exciting «Fire and Ice» lip gloss with aphrodisiacs will help to give your partner more sophisticated and sensual oral caresses, increasing the sensitivity of delicate areas. The constituent components have a cooling and stimulating effect on contact with the skin. Pleasant arousal and increased sexual desire will accompany you during oral sex.

Exciting lip gloss "Intoxicating chocolate" with a cooling effect. Organic coconut oil moisturizes and softens the skin, leaving it velvety and very pleasant. Menthol has a cooling effect on oral sex.

Exciting «Vanilla Kiss» lip and nipple gloss. Erotic lip gloss and oral sex with a stimulating effect and warm vanilla taste for you! For your partner to experience all the beauty of the stimulating effect of the gloss, apply the gloss to the lips in a thick layer and gently slide them over the partner's intimate areas. Macadamia oil softens, protects and helps retain moisture in skin cells. Olive oil softens and moisturizes the skin.

Exciting lip and nipple gloss "Coconut Delight". The delicate taste of heavenly coconut will delight you, and the exciting scent will make your partner lose his head after the first kiss.

Stimulating Lip Gloss "Seduce Me with a Kiss". Olive oil restores elasticity and natural shine to the skin of the lips, eliminates cracks and protects against drying out. Jojoba oil contains UV filters and moisturizing ingredients that protect lips from dryness and sun damage. Shea butter moisturizes and nourishes the skin, eliminates dryness and flaking. Menthol has a cooling effect on oral sex.

These lip gloss can be used not only before oral sex. Many modern girls prefer to use them as their daily lip care.

New SIBERINA for the soul of health

Friends, we want to introduce you to interesting news! Essential oils contain so many benefits of plants and flowers that aromatherapy can be used with joy and pleasure to prevent diseases, maintain oneself in good shape, good mood, you can protect yourself from stress, harmonize space and relationships with loved ones, etc.

Most women face monthly premenstual syndrome in their lives. PMS has many symptoms. Introducing the "Menstrual Pain" essential oil blend. This mix has a unique natural composition and has a wide range of properties: analgesic, antispasmodic, relaxing, restorative, immunomodulating and immunostimulating, tonic and soothing.

A special blend of essential oils that helps quit smoking is the Quit Smoking Essential Oils Complex. It copes with any problem of the respiratory system. Essential oils relieve choking, relieve cough, remove sputum, reduce cravings for nicotine and rid the smoker's body of accumulated toxins.

Have you tried many diets in search of a suitable one? Do you need to keep your weight normal? Do you want to lose weight effectively? To do this, you need to reduce your appetite and forget about the feeling of hunger. The most effective and, compared to other, easy ways to combat great appetite was aromatherapy or the adjustment of excess weight by inhaling a variety of aromas and natural essential oils. And here the complex of essential oils “To reduce appetite” will come to the rescue.

The complex of essential oils "From headache" is an effective remedy for headache, dizziness. Normalizes blood pressure. Helps to focus, relieve fatigue, unpleasant symptoms associated with weather sensitivity. Restores an even, deep sleep.

Yesterday was a fun evening, and today you need to go to work? A powerful hangover blend of essential oils helps to normalize digestion, and eliminates indigestion when applied to the stomach and intestines, as well as the smell of alcohol. Its invigorating and slightly sharp citrus-mint smell will allow you to wake up faster, improve concentration and get a boost of energy sufficient to last a whole day.

The complex of essential oils “Turkish bath-hammam” is a tribute to the great tradition of oriental hammams - healing and healing baths, which exist to this day. A special element of the famous bathing procedures has been and remains the aromatization of water and air with natural oils.

Well, and, of course, the “For a Russian bath” essential oils complex will become an indispensable tool for a Russian bath. The mixture improves relaxation and has healing properties.

An ancient Indian proverb says: "Passion has taste and smell." Our natural attraction complex “Natural Attraction” contains natural aphrodisiac oils that stimulate attraction, increase sensuality, arouse passion and desire. Coriander essential oil increases sexual activity, stimulates life, aggravates desires, attracts to experience new experiences. Ylang-ylang essential oil enhances sexual desire, moreover, it affects both men and women.

The next novelty is the Ear-Throat-Nose Essential Oil Complex. The complex of oils is indispensable for acute and chronic diseases of the ENT organs, for colds, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and throat, otitis media, rhinitis, and allergies. Oils have a high anti-inflammatory effectiveness, increase immunity and support the body's natural strength and resistance to infections and viruses. They reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes.

Coughing is one of the protective functions of the body, with the help of which the respiratory system is cleansed, as well as the reaction of the body in response to inflammation of the respiratory system. Therefore, we made a natural complex of cough essential oils “Easy breathing”. The essential oil complex can greatly alleviate the symptoms of coughing or colds by soothing the throat, fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation. Oils improve the condition of the throat, reduce or completely eliminate hoarseness, cough and other symptoms.

We also released a set of essential oils "To create comfort in the house". Natural essential oils will create a unique aroma in your home, cleanse you of negative energy, cheer you up, relieve fatigue, drowsiness, and create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Try new items and share your impressions!

Novelty aroma candle with aphrodisiacs

Do you need an intimate moment full of sensuality and thrills? Choose massage aroma candles with aphrodisiacs for an unforgettable massage! Create a candlelit love atmosphere to enhance your partner’s desire.

The rules of the game are simple: light a candle, invite a partner to lie down or take a pose that is convenient for him. Start with sensual caresses and kisses to prepare the body, do not forget that pleasure should increase gradually.

Once the oil becomes liquid, pour it into the palm of your hand, this will allow you to control the temperature of the massage candle and better distribute the molten oil on the skin. Practice gentle massage and listen to how the partner’s body responds to your actions.

Turn on the fantasy: the back is not the only part of the body that deserves a touch! Feel free to explore your partner to discover places of unpredictable pleasure ...

Here are the long-awaited news:

Massage aroma candle with aphrodisiacs "Flower fantasies"

Massage aroma candle with aphrodisiacs "Chocolate pleasure"

Massage aroma candle with aphrodisiacs "Vanilla Tenderness"

• Oil fluidity increases due to heat.

• Massage candles are made from 100% natural oils.

• Oil penetrates better into the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) and softens it.

• The substances in the composition have nutritional, calming and protective properties.

• Cosmetics are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens.

But that is not all! We also want to introduce you to such innovations as:

Aroma candle with aphrodisiacs "Neroli and Jasmine"

Aromatic candle with aphrodisiacs "Nutmeg and cedar"

Aroma candle with aphrodisiacs "Grapefruit and Ginger"

The aroma of a candle with aphrodisiacs enhances natural sexuality, fills the body with desire and sends you into a comprehensive world of pleasure!

Aroma candles with light and delicate aromas will make your romantic evening unforgettable. The soft flame of a candle will help create an erotic twilight, and the magical combination of aphrodisiacs will subtly affect your mood, causing a slight sexual arousal. The heady aroma of oils will quickly spread throughout the room, exciting imagination and inviting you to plunge into the world of fabulous pleasure!

We try, do not be shy! We share our warm impressions!


Hydrolates are an excellent daily care product that has almost the same effect as essential oils, but has a milder effect on the skin.

The following news appeared in our assortment:

Hydrolat complex "Moisturizing after depilation". This complex has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates edema. Relieves redness after the procedure, significantly calms the skin, relieves residual pain after depilation, has a healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Reduces the likelihood of ingrown hair.

A complex of hydrolytes for solar and small household burns for the face and body. This complex is an additional tool for the care of skin affected by sun or thermal burns. It relieves inflammation, soothes, maintains the hydro-balance of skin cells, prevents the loss of elasticity and wrinkles, strengthens the protective functions of the skin, softens and nourishes irritated skin.

And also we want to share that in our assortment all your favorite rose hydrolytes, cornflower and lemon balm appeared in the range of 100 ml. Rather, we buy, enrich our cosmetics and simply use them in pure form for the right solution to the existing skin problem.

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