Foot and foot skin care products

The health and beauty of our feet play an important role in the overall feeling of comfort and confidence. But often the legs and feet turn out to be the most tired and forgotten parts of our body. In order to keep them in good shape, it is necessary to pay attention to regular care.

In this article, we will look at several effective remedies that will help you maintain the health and beauty of your legs and feet.

1. Relaxing bath salt "Relieving fatigue and muscle tension with mint and lavender"

The unique formula with mint and lavender helps to relax muscles, relieve fatigue and tension after a long day. Just add a few spoonfuls of salt to a warm bath or make a small foot bath and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience.


2. Foot scrub "Smooth heels"

This scrub is specially designed to combat rough skin and cracked heels. Its delicate texture and active ingredients will help to remove dead skin cells, make the skin soft and smooth, as well as moisturize and nourish it.


3. Keratolytic cream for rough skin, calluses and corns removal with salicylic acid:

This keratocreme perfectly copes with the problems of roughened skin, calluses and corns. Due to the presence of salicylic acid, it effectively softens keratinized areas and helps to remove them painlessly and safely. The cream also has moisturizing and nourishing properties, making the skin of the feet smooth and delicate.

4. Liquid pumice stone for the removal of severely roughened skin, cracks and corns

Liquid pumice stone is an excellent remedy for severely roughened skin, cracks, calluses and corns. Its innovative formula allows you to effectively and safely remove dead skin, making them smooth and soft. The use of liquid pumice is simple - apply to problem areas, leave for a while, then rinse with water and enjoy the result.


5. Foot cream for fatigue

This cream is specially designed to relieve leg fatigue. Due to its composition with natural extracts and essential oils, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has a cooling effect and relieves fatigue. The cream also helps to soften roughness and prevent cracking.


With regular use of these SIBERINA foot and foot skin care products, you will be able to maintain the beauty and health of your legs!



Cosmetics for age spots on the face

Pigmented spots on the face and body can occur due to various factors such as solar radiation, hormonal changes or aging of the skin. However, with the help of special cosmetics, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin and reduce the visibility of age spots.

It is important to note that the results of using cosmetics for age spots may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the skin. Regular and proper use of products, as well as compliance with care recommendations, will contribute to achieving the best results.

It is worth paying attention to the complex of hydrolates "Brightening" against age spots and freckles. Hydrolates are plant extracts obtained during the distillation process. They have a mild and delicate effect on the skin. This complex of hydrolates contains ingredients that help lighten age spots and reduce their visibility.


To enhance the lightening effect and combat age spots, you can use a whitening facial tonic. It is designed specifically to combat freckles, age spots and post-acne. The tonic contains active ingredients that help to even out the skin tone and make it lighter and more radiant.


An additional step in facial skin care can be the use of a whitening mask. It contains ingredients that lighten age spots and improve skin texture. Regular use of a whitening mask will help to achieve a more even skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots.


Special attention should be paid to nighttime care. A whitening night face cream will help restore the skin during sleep. This cream contains special active ingredients that work deep into the skin, lighten age spots and stimulate the processes of natural cell renewal. Regular use of a whitening night cream will help to achieve brighter and smoother skin.


An additional product that can be included in regular skin care is a whitening face serum. This serum is enriched with active ingredients that help reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten age spots. It also helps to moisturize and improve the texture of the skin.


In addition to using special cosmetics, it is also important to take precautions to protect the skin from pigmentation. Use a sunscreen with a high level of UV protection and limit exposure to direct sunlight.

SIBERINA offers effective solutions for lightening and reducing the visibility of age spots. Remember the importance of regular and proper care, as well as taking precautions to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Beauty biorhythms: when is it better to apply care cosmetics

Beauty and skin care are an integral part of our daily routine. However, many of us are wondering when exactly it is better to apply various care products in order to achieve the best results. It turns out that the answer to this question may be related to our biorhythms – the natural rhythms of the body, which vary throughout the day.

Morning is the time for hydration and protection

The morning hours are the time when our skin needs hydration and protection from external factors such as the sun and environmental pollution. During this period, it is recommended to use a moisturizing day cream. It will help maintain an optimal level of skin hydration and create a protective barrier against harmful environmental influences.

One of the recommended products for morning care is a natural moisturizing day cream. Enriched with natural ingredients, this cream will help moisturize the skin and prepare it for daily stress.


Noon is the time for refreshing and toning

The middle of the day is a period when our skin may feel tired and lose elasticity. For refreshing and toning, it is recommended to use a facial tonic "Moisturizing" to help moisturize the skin, strengthen its elasticity and relieve signs of fatigue.


Evening is a time for recovery and nutrition

The evening hours are the moment when the skin is ready to take maximum advantage of nourishing and anti–aging products. At this time, it is recommended to use a natural "Anti-aging" night face cream, specially designed to combat the signs of skin aging and restore its healthy state. Due to its composition, this cream nourishes the skin, promotes its recovery during sleep and helps to reduce the signs of aging.


It is important to remember that the effectiveness of care products depends not only on the time of application, but also on the quality of the product and its compliance with the needs of your skin. When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to its composition, purpose and manufacturer's recommendations.

Follow the biorhythm of beauty with natural cosmetics from SIBERINA!

Light foam for the face

Daily washing is an important step in cleansing the skin of impurities, greasy shine and remnants of decorative cosmetics. It is regular care that helps to maintain a well-groomed appearance, youth and beauty.

Gentle and soft foam is one of the most popular and gentle facial products. It has a light, airy and weightless texture that feels good on the skin and does not leave a feeling of dryness or tightness.

SIBERINA Natural foams are an eco–friendly composition with essential oils, natural extracts and vitamins without SLS, parabens or artificial additives.  They are used sparingly, delicately cleanse and care for the skin, taking into account its characteristics. Today we will introduce you to several kicks from our range for different skin types!

The "Instant Skin Radiance" face wash foam is suitable for normal and combination skin. It effectively cleanses the pores, can be used for makeup, reduces greasy shine. The result is fresh, radiant skin, reduced rashes.


Foam mousse for washing "Anti-aging" with hyaluronic acid is suitable for any skin, not only cleanses and moisturizes the skin, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens the protective barrier, improves the complexion. With regular use, the skin will become more delicate, soft and velvety! Suitable for removing makeup, does not irritate the area around the eyes.


Face wash foam "Makeup removal, matting and care" with rose hydrolate is recommended for oily and combination skin, has a matting and whitening effect. It is suitable for the prevention of rashes, as well as as an anti-aging treatment. It contains essential oils of cloves and grapefruit, vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.


Cleansing foam "Caring" with geranium and chamomile gently cleanses problem skin prone to acne, blackheads or blackheads. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, relieves itching, irritation and discomfort, evens out the tone of the face. As a result of long-term use, your skin will become smoother, cleaner and well-groomed!


The foam for cleansing the skin is softness, comfort and gentle makeup. Choose natural SIBERINA foams for the radiance and beauty of your skin!


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