Natural aphrodisiac bombs

Sensual moments, intimacy with a loved one bring a sense of happiness in our lives. Sometimes you want to bring something special to the foreplay, to make it more vibrant and emotionally deep. We suggest you try our new products - bath bombs with aphrodisiacs. Natural and fragrant, they will be a great addition to your night of love.

Citrus freshness

Try bombs with original aromas - you will definitely like their bright, fresh notes! For example, “Pineapple and Lime” with sea salt. The oils included in the composition have a beneficial effect on the skin, and the wonderful aroma of pineapple and lime will enhance your desires.

The “Bergamot and Mint” bomb will help relieve fatigue and tune in to an erotic wave. Avocado oil and sea salt saturate with minerals, relax tired muscles. A wonderful mint-bergamot cloud of aroma will envelop you and cheer you up. What you need for a romantic evening with a sequel!

For a romantic evening, the “Rose and Mandarin” bomb with a magnificent, enchanting aroma is perfect! Sweet pink incense is shrouded in a transparent citrus veil - no one will remain indifferent! In addition, it perfectly softens the skin thanks to sea buckthorn and almond oils.

Flower fleur

Especially for lovers of floral notes, we created a bomb called “Palmarosa and Lily”. Their aromas are interwoven in a sensual bouquet that helps to tune in to a love wave. Sharing a bath with such an aphrodisiac brings together and gives a great mood.Sensual sweets

Add sweets to your romantic evening by taking a bath with our sweet-scented little things. “Strawberry in Chocolate” is the most erotic dessert! Summer strawberry aroma with exciting notes of chocolate will awaken your passion and make the night unforgettable!

“Caramel” will help to forget about a bad mood.

“Oriental sweets” with patchouli, ylang-ylang and sandalwood essential oils add mysterious sensuality.

Spicy spices

The «Coconut and Nutmeg» bomb, strong aphrodisiacs known since ancient times, will help add fire and ignite a passionate flame.

For vigor and vividness, throw “Coffee, Cinnamon and Vanilla” into the bathtub to fill it with the hot aroma of Turkish vanilla-flavored cinnamon coffee. These magnificent spicy aromas affect the emotional sphere, giving vigor and enhancing attraction.

Natural aphrodisiac bombs are a great addition to a hot night!

New SIBERINA - nail fluids

Strong well-groomed nails, even without a manicure, look wonderful. You can pamper them with our new vibes. Unlike oils and waxes, they are quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. What you need for an active lady!

Means for nails are completely natural - do not contain dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Real care from nature!

Natural fluid for nails “Protection and growth”

The light fluid protects your nails from environmental factors, detergents and reduces the risk of fungus. Olive, coconut, avocado and cedar oils saturate the nail plate with nutrients, preventing brittleness and delamination. The action is enhanced by lavender and geranium essential oils - they have antifungal properties, perfectly soften a dry cuticle and heal cracks. The fluid is ideal for women with weakened nails or as a recovery after extension.

флюид для ногтей "защита и рост" FLU(4)-SIB

Natural Firming Nail Fluid

An excellent firming complex with sea salt - a well-known and effective anti-delamination agent. Peach and rosehip oils, supplemented with chamomile and bergamot, strengthen and give a healthy look. Prevent dry nails and cuticles, saturating with useful vitamins. Regular application of the fluid will help to avoid delamination, tarnishing and brittleness - do such a manicure as you wish!

флюид для ногтей "укрепляющий" для слоящихся ногтей FLU(5)-SIB

Natural Moisturizing Nail Fluid

Dry nail plate is a common problem, especially in winter. Our new fluid with aloe vera gel and argan oil will help keep your nails healthy. These components moisturize and strengthen thin, dry and easily broken nails, give them a healthy glow and shine. Hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract restore strength and elasticity, eliminating the fragility of the nail plate. With this wonderful fluid your manicure will look perfect!

флюид для ногтей "увлажняющий" для сухих и ломких ногтей FLU(6)-SIB

Natural nail fluid “Antibacterial”

After visiting the nail salon, bathhouse or pool, there may be a concern for the health of the nails. The antibacterial fluid will help you protect yourself from fungal infections and even serve as an additional tool in the treatment of an existing disease. Zinc and silver citrate in the composition effectively destroys fungi and harmful bacteria - these are excellent antiseptics! Their action is enhanced by the essential oils of lemon and tea tree, enhancing the disinfecting effect. In addition, they bleach nails well, returning them a healthy look and shine. The composition is enriched with jojoba oil, which eliminates dryness and brittleness. The “Antibacterial” fluid will protect you from inflammation in the area of ​​the nail, helping to maintain it in a healthy state.

флюид для ногтей "антибактериальный" FLU(7)-SIB

Well-groomed natural nails are a necessary foundation for a beautiful and wearable manicure.

NEW SIBERINA'S GIFT SETS are most welcome presents!

As is known, Christmas and New Year are the season of presents. There's no better outing, then giving your family and friends Siberina's gift sets.
Siberina's gift sets are most welcome presents! Everyone likes our natural beauty products and your belongings will be very pleased to receive such a gift from you with warm and care.

There is a huge number of sets in our assortment. You can choose the most that they like best.

Gift Set Lavander For Relaxation

This wonderful gift set with flavours of lavender is loved by one and all – it helps you relax and sleep soundly through a difficult day.

It includes “Lavender” bath bomb for taking an aromatic bath, after which you can apply a cream of oil and body to heal the lavender aroma candle. The set contains Castile natural soap based on olive oil - aromatic and velvet, carefully cleaning the skin.

Homey Gift Set

A very useful and pleasant gift for an economic and practical person. The natural dishwashing detergent “Lavender” does not leave a chemical film on the utensils, and the “Jasmine” liquid soap will help maintain order in the house - it perfectly cleans and gives a magnificent floral aroma. In addition, Siberina added the “Household” natural soap and a convenient soap dish to the set - the soap in it does not get sour or deteriorate.

For Children Gift Set

A perfect gift for girls or baby’s moms. It has everything you need to care for delicate baby skin: a hypoallergenic soap that does not cause dryness, a mild shampoo that prevents irritation and a gentle moisturizer. We complemented this set by chamomile hydrolate, having soothing effect and a fragrant bath bomb that softens water - children love to splash around. If you add bath bomb while bathing time – baby’s delight does not have a limit.

Citrus Gift Set

There is the smell of Christmas and New Year in the air! It is one of the biggest sets: natural bath bomb, liquid soap, and orange-cinnamon lip balm, citrus deodorant, complexion smoothing face cream and orange essential oil. All products have a wonderful citrus aroma with a note of cinnamon and mint - it creates a festive mood and a fabulous atmosphere. It is a great option for a New Year's gift!

Gift sets with natural products will appeal to your loved ones - this is a win-win option. Show your love and care - make them such a magical New Year surprises. They will appreciate their gifts.

Would you like to receive such a gift set? Our response is yes!

Exclusive novelties of toothpastes Siberina

Once you’ve used our organic toothpastes, you’ll stock up on a few more tubes and want to try new tastes. Our goal is to fulfil your desires in the best possible way – now your favorite toothpastes have improved ingredients and large volume - 75 ml. Now one tube will last longer!

Our natural therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste provides effective and gentle care for the entire oral cavity. It provides prevention of bleeding gums and inflammation of the mouth.

Teeth whitening

Natural whitening agents, acts gently and delicately, without damaging the enamel, relieves inflammation and helps to fight infections of the oral cavity.

We advise tasting our new toothpaste Enamel Whitening Charcoal. A charcoal is a soft absorbent that gently polishes the surface of the teeth, effectively removes plaque and Tartar providing intensive teeth whitening.

Bleeding gums

Try new toothpaste Against Bleeding Gums Coniferous before visiting dentist. The main components reduce bleeding gums, tissue inflammation, "pulling" the liquid from the inflamed area, soothing and eliminating pain. You can use our therapeutic pastes not only to treat, but also to prevent gum disease.


If you are familiar with this problem. Toothpaste Against Caries Medicial Herbs is effective mean of removing and preventing this disease. The main components stop the tubules in the open dentin layer, remineralize and strengthen the enamel. It helps to reduce bleeding, protect against odor, and fight stomatitis.
Toothpaste Against Caries Tea Tree has a powerful antiseptic effect, kills bacteria, prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause tooth decay and gum disease, prevents the formation of pathogenic biofilms, prevents the formation of plaque, improves the microbiome of the oral cavity and protects teeth and gums.

Exclusive novelties

Toothpaste For Weight Loss Anise and Cloves is our exclusive novelty. It is a real godsend for those who want to quickly say goodbye to extra pounds and adjust their eating behavior, thanks to a decrease in appetite. Furthermore, you get excellent protection from caries and prevention of gum inflammation.
In addition, Siberina has developed a special toothpaste-gel For Orthodontic and Orthopedic Constructions. The right choice of toothpaste for braces guarantees quality hygiene and the absence of negative consequences after orthodontic and orthopedic procedures. Protects against the development of caries, Tartar and plaque on the enamel.

Treat yourself to the benefits of nature and pleasure in one time!

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