New SIBERINA. Bath products

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle has been gaining momentum over the past decade. More and more people are getting involved in proper nutrition and sports. So that physical exercises do not bring harm, it is important to remember a few simple rules. A sequence of loads, their moderation and full rest are necessary.

A boost of energy after a morning jog or gym classes should end with relaxation of all muscle groups. A warm bath with salt after a workout is the optimal solution to the problem. The products offered by Siberina will not only eliminate bodily tension,but also improve the skin.

After the training process, the therapeutic effects of a bath with salt for the muscles and joints are extremely necessary. First of all, water procedures remove the discomfort associated with cardio and power loads. Salt and concentrate promotes the speedy healing of microtrauma and the elimination of excess lactate (lactic acid) from the body, prevents the destruction of muscle fibers.

Let's get acquainted with the cool new products.

For the first time, we have produced such novelties as bath concentrate.

Regenerating concentrate for bath "Elimination of muscle tension after intense physical exertion" has an antibacterial, stimulating and toning effect, accelerates metabolism, cleanses and softens the skin, prevents inflammation, is rich in many vitamins and promotes the restoration of physical strength, eliminates painful sensations in muscles and joints, accelerates the process of tissue and cell regeneration.

Soothing bath concentrate "Relief of fatigue, nervous tension and symptoms of insomnia" is a safe and effective remedy for fighting fatigue, stress and insomnia. It has a strengthening and regenerating effect, relieves tension and helps to improve sleep. The soothing effect of the product is optimally combined with the cosmetic: after a course of baths, the skin becomes noticeably healthier, firmer and tightened.

Even if you are far from sports, the healing effects of salt crystals will lift your mood and provide cheerfulness for several days ahead.

New products of SIBERINA. Series for expectant mothers

The skin changes during pregnancy. Pimples and age spots may appear on the face, stretch marks and swelling on the body. What to do? Stick to proper nutrition, spend more time in the fresh air and make changes in cosmetic care.

Use stretch marks from the 12th week of pregnancy, when the stomach begins to grow, and the skin begins to lose elasticity and stretch.

There is an opinion that there will be no stretch marks if you do not get better much. This is not quite true: stretch marks can appear even with a small weight in response to changes in the hormonal background. The precursors of striae are severe itching and peeling. Then there are purple-gray scars, which eventually turn white.

Siberina has prepared the necessary tools for mothers and expectant mothers - new products!

Natural balm-gel against stretch marks "From the first months of pregnancy" with hyaluronic acid is an excellent assistant for fighting stretch marks, as well as restoring the tone and health of the skin of the expectant mother. The use of the product from the first weeks of pregnancy will help to strengthen the skin structure on the chest, abdomen and thighs and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, preventing the appearance of micro-tears of tissues and the formation of scars. With regular use, the skin becomes more elastic, dense, and stretch marks are visually less noticeable.

Use natural cream "Stretch marks prevention and correction" for pregnant and nursing mothers with elastin to prevent stretch marks from the first months of pregnancy, even before the appearance of changes in the figure, because it is easier to prevent the appearance of ugly scars on the body than to fight them later. The cream will provide optimal hydration and nutrition of the skin, make it more elastic and help prepare for the upcoming loads. In addition, it is recommended to use the cream after childbirth: its balanced formula smoothes and regenerates the skin, helping it to recover faster after stretching.

Often, the breast is the first to signal pregnancy — it swells and increases. And since the mammary glands do not have muscles in their structure, the ligaments begin to stretch. And if you do not take measures in time, the breast may lose its shape and sag.

Caring nipple balm "Protection from dryness and cracks" with coconut oil reliably protects the delicate, sensitive skin of the nipples during breastfeeding. It promotes the healing of cracks, nourishes, relieves irritation and peeling, returning the skin to its natural softness. The balm is absolutely safe for mother and child: it contains only natural and hypoallergenic components, has no taste and smell. With it, you can continue to breastfeed without pain and discomfort!

The oil "Skin smoothness and prevention of stretch marks" for expectant mothers with propolis extract is intended for gentle care of the skin of the abdomen, thighs and breasts during pregnancy, when the female body needs especially gentle and at the same time effective care. The oil helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, strengthens and nourishes it, reducing the visibility of stretch marks and minimizing the risk of new ones.


New SIBERINA. After sports creams for face and body

We have created products for post-workout care that will not take much time and will be an excellent addition to any sports cosmetic bag.

Swimming enthusiasts often face such a problem as dryness and deterioration of the skin after contact with salty or hard chlorinated water. A natural moisturizing emulsion for the face and body "Protection from chlorinated and sea water" with chamomile and hyaluronic acid will help to cope with this. It restores the natural lipid barrier, provides intense hydration, restores smoothness, softness and elasticity to the skin.

Salty sea water, as well as chlorinated, does not affect its condition in the best way: it dries, causes redness, peeling and itching. Natural moisturizing face cream "Protection from chlorinated and sea water" with jojoba oil will protect the skin after visiting the pool or swimming in the sea: it will restore the natural lipid barrier, fill it with moisture and help keep it in the cells.

Natural soothing lifting cream for the face and body after sports with rose essential oil is created specifically for post-workout skin care at the age of 30+. It simultaneously solves several tasks: it soothes the skin of the face and body after intensive sports, moisturizes and strengthens, protecting against the appearance of age-related changes.

Soothing cream for the face and body after sports with chamomile and mint soothes the skin of the face and body after intense sports, moisturizes and strengthens, protecting against the appearance of age-related changes.

Cooling body cream "Relieving fatigue after sports" with menthol is what you need after an intense workout. It restores and soothes the skin, restores tone, gives a feeling of coolness, freshness and comfort. Your body will say thank you! Menthol pleasantly cools, relieves muscle tension, and also has antiseptic properties, cleanses the skin from bacteria, toxins,sebum and dirt that accumulate on its surface during sports.

Natural cooling face cream after sports with menthol and vitamin E is a real anti-stress for the skin after a super-intensive workout! The product restores and soothes the skin, removes redness, restores tone and a healthy, rested appearance, gives a feeling of coolness, freshness and comfort.

Here are such necessary and cool new items! Try it and share your impressions!

New products of anti-cellulite series

The purpose of anti-cellulite cosmetics is to remove the visible effect of cellulite. Regular use of anti-cellulite products very soon gives positive results. The active substances in the composition will contribute to improving the external condition of the skin, because they:

- stimulate the metabolism in cells and tissues;

- remove toxins and excess water from the cells;

- improve blood flow in the tissues;

- accelerate the breakdown of fats in the body;

- promote the synthesis of collagen.

If you include high-quality anti-cellulite products in body care, the skin becomes taut and elastic. With the help of means, massages and wraps are done.

Natural lymphatic drainage cream "Flat belly" with caffeine will help to get rid of extra centimeters in the most problematic areas of the female body - on the waist and stomach. It tones and tightens the skin, restores elasticity, improves blood microcirculation and actively fights fat deposits. Great for anti-cellulite massage, enhancing its effectiveness.

The natural formula of the lifting cream "Creating a perfect silhouette", enriched with peptides, has an anti-cellulite and modeling effect, allowing you to achieve impressive results in the fight against imperfections of the figure. With regular use, the visible manifestations of cellulite decrease, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, and the contours of the body become more taut and seductive.

Natural modeling emulsion for the abdomen and waist with a warming effect is designed to purposefully affect the most problematic areas of the female body - the abdomen and waist area. The product tones and tightens the skin, restoring its elasticity, and helps to reduce the volume. Achieving a thin, elegant waist and seductively smooth body skin is easier than you think!

Do you dream of reducing the volume and achieving the perfect silhouette? Natural serum "Body sculptor" with peptids will become your reliable assistant in the process of weight loss and correction of problem areas. Its formula is enriched with herbal components that have an intense lipolytic and lymphatic drainage effect, smooth the skin and give tone.

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