New products of SIBERINA. Complexes of aromatic oils for body

How to attract attention and tell about yourself without words? Fashionable clothes and bright makeup are not suitable for all occasions. You need something special that instantly characterizes your personality and attracts people who are close in spirit... The best way to cope with this task is essential oils, aphrodisiacs. They will set up partners on the same wave and help them feel each other deeper and more fully.

Odors that can attract the attention of people of the opposite sex have been known since ancient times. The name of such fragrances speaks for itself –aphrodisiacs. After all, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite is a temptress. According to ancient legends, Aphrodite was a wonderful belt in which were made love, desire and words of seduction.

This belt exuded a magical fragrance, the love power of which was obeyed not only by people, but also by the gods. It was with the help of the Aphrodite's belt that Hera managed to seduce Zeus. Unfortunately, we can only guess what was sewn into the belt and was the source of the captivating fragrance of love.

It is likely that it could be a capsule with a mixture of essential oils of aphrodisiac plants. Essential oils are fragrant, volatile substances found in different parts of plants. Most essential oils are extracted from tropical and subtropical plants such as geranium, ylang-ylang, neroli, rose, jasmine... The delicate flowers seem to represent Love itself. The charming aroma of beautiful flowers reminds people of the existence of an all-consuming love, which turns into an indomitable passion…

New products of SIBERINA:

Complex of aromatic oils for body «Floral Fantasies». Its aroma will take you to the garden, where the elegant palmarosa combines with fragrant geraniums, delicate roses and spicy cloves. A rich floral bouquet blooms on the background of warm woody notes of sandalwood, which successfully complements the bright palette.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «I attract success» for men increases self-confidence, helps in mental work and activities related to new projects.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «I attract money» for men calms your thoughts, strengthen your resolve, and help you make important decisions.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «I attract luck». Use the power of natural aroma oils for your own benefit, and luck will always be on your side.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «I attract money» for women. Use the power of natural fragrance oils to enhance these qualities and attract money energy.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «I attract health» it is famous for its calming effect. It helps to relax and recover after a difficult day.


Complex of aromatic oils for body «Sunny mood». The fragrance of the sun, summer and happiness will be with you in any weather from now on. We reveal the recipe for a good mood: we take the cheerful notes of citrus, add the freshness and coniferous tartness of cypress, light floral sweetness and a pinch of spicy cinnamon. This energetic, joyful fragrance invigorates, warms, relieves the blues, inspires and, it seems, can even prolong the warm sunny days that we all love so much.


New products of SIBERINA. Natural hand creams

Well-groomed hands with smooth skin and neat nails are a natural addition to the image of an attractive woman. The natural components contained in the presented hand creams guarantee intensive vitamin support for your beautiful hands.


Product review

Nourishing night hand and nail cream with macadamia oil. Nourishing cream is a real salvation for the owners of very dry skin of the hands. Its task is to deliver the maximum of useful substances to the deep cellular layers to restore the softness and elasticity of the skin, and the cream perfectly copes with this.


Do you want to keep the skin of your hands well-groomed, smooth and velvety, get rid of small wrinkles and other signs that betray age? Hand cream with anti-age effect «Skin youth» with rose essential oil, enriched with natural plant extracts and oils, will help to restore the skin's softness, elasticity, youth and beauty.


In winter, the skin needs particularly careful care and reliable protection from frost and cold wind. Natural protective and regenerating hand cream «Winter mitten» dense consistency, designed specifically for the winter season, will perfectly cope with this. It will protect the skin from dryness, inflammation and cracks and keep your hands soft and soft.


Softening hand cream based on natural components «Against dry and cracked skin» will save even the most dry and chapped hands. It will provide reliable protection against drying out of the skin after using aggressive detergents and chlorinated water. No more tightness, peeling and cracks, just soft, well-groomed and velvety skin of the hands.


Moisturizing hand cream with aphrodisiacs «Rose & Grapefruit» is a 2 in 1 product: both pleasure and gentle hand care. Enjoy its wonderful floral and fruity aroma and feel how soft and velvety your skin becomes.


To keep the skin of your hands always beautiful, soft and supple, and your nails smooth, healthy and shiny, use Natural hand and nail cream «Moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening» with precious oils and extracts. It has a triple effect: it moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the skin of the hands and the nail plate.


Natural nourishing hand cream with aphrodisiacs «Coconut & Vanilla» is a 2 in 1 product: both pleasure and gentle hand care. Enjoy its wonderful floral and fruity aroma and feel how soft and velvety your skin becomes.


Natural hand creams do not contain parabens, silicones, acrylates and other undesirable ingredients. At the same time, they are enriched with natural oils that perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin of hands.

New products of SIBERINA. Natural herbal tea

Herbal tea is a delight for the body and soul. The abundance of aromatic, spicy and fragrant herbs makes it possible to prepare tea for every taste. Before such a drink does not remain indifferent, because it gives joy, summer mood, tones and invigorates at the same time. Herbal tea also helps strengthen the immune system and helps prevent many colds and viral diseases. Although the organisms of all people have a lot in common, they are also very different in many ways. Therefore, it is impossible to clearly determine the best recipes - which herbal infusion will be equally useful for everyone? Individual intolerance to various substances, genetic predisposition, health status, etc. play a role here. Siberina has collected the most relevant, delicious and useful collections.

A cold makes you postpone important things, prevents you from living and working in the usual rhythm? Don't let it control your life! A delicious and healthy drink based on Altai herbs and berries, rich in many natural vitamins, will help you to defeat viruses, feel great and maintain your immune system even during the cold season. Natural herbal tea «Anti-cold» with raspberry leaves and lime color moisturizes inflamed mucous membranes, reducing pain from swallowing and other unpleasant symptoms of the disease, normalizes the water balance in the body, promotes the elimination of toxins, and therefore accelerates recovery.

Herbal tea «Immune» is a real storehouse of benefits for your health! Its aromatic composition includes natural Altai herbs that were grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of chemicals, collected and dried by hand, with love and care. A delicious and healthy natural drink will help you maintain your immune system during the cold season and feel great. Tea invigorates and gently tones, improves performance, helps to normalize metabolism and increase resistance to stress.

For a happy and fulfilling life, it is very important for a woman to maintain intimate health. This is not just the absence of gynecological problems, but something more – a good mood, cheerfulness and self-confidence, beauty of the skin, nails and hair, harmonious sexual relations and, of course, the opportunity to have children. Tea «Women's health» based on natural Altai herbs has a positive effect on women's health and well-being. It will help you eliminate the hormonal imbalance that many diseases develop against, support the body during stress, prolonged illnesses and the use of antibiotics.

Quit smoking? Help your body easier and easier to go through the process of adapting to a new life without this bad habit, reduce the physical and psychological discomfort that occurs when you give up nicotine. Natural tea «For smokers» on Altai herbs is an excellent prevention of Smoking relapses, restoration and strengthening of the respiratory system.

One of the mildest and most effective folk ways to combat alcoholism is to include a healthy drink from wild Altai herbs in the treatment. They contain a rich set of biologically active substances that help reduce cravings for alcohol, relieve hangover and prevent binge drinking. Tea «Anti-Alcoholic» also activates natural processes aimed at restoring the normal functioning of all organs and systems affected by alcohol consumption.

The skin is a kind of «mirror» of our health, and all the processes that occur in the body are instantly reflected in its condition – in the form of redness, acne, swelling, dryness and a dull complexion. Therefore, to improve the condition of the skin, one cosmetic care is not enough – you need to act on the body from the inside! To do this, add to your diet a healthy and delicious drink based on natural Altai herbs - tea «Source of beauty and youth». It has an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, helps restore the hormonal background and strengthens women's health. Result: you feel and look great!

Do you always struggle with extra pounds? Natural tea «For weight loss» on Altai herbs will be your faithful assistant on the way to a slim and beautiful figure! It has long been known that herbal medicine is one of the mildest ways to clear the body of accumulations of toxins, speed up the metabolism and stimulate the process of weight loss. The tea composition contains a unique set of biologically active substances that have a lymphatic drainage effect and reduce fat absorption, allow you to control your appetite and hunger, which as a result contributes to a smooth and safe weight loss.

When there is no opportunity to fully relax, relieve physical and mental stress, a cup of warm aromatic tea on natural Altai herbs will help you. Tea «Soothing» has a gentle effect on the nervous system: it restores emotional balance; helps relieve anxiety, improves sleep and gives you a sense of harmony with others and with yourself.

It is proved that medicinal plants are reliable allies of traditional medicine in the treatment and prevention of tumors, so doctors often prescribe herbal medicine to patients in combination with the main treatment. Of course, it is impossible to defeat the disease with the help of herbs alone, but it is quite possible to support a weakened body, help it fight, minimize the consequences of drug therapy and improve the quality of life of people with a severe cancer diagnosis! Natural antitumor tea contains Altai plants, herbs and berries that were grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of chemicals, collected and dried by hand, with love and care.

Herbal tea «Vitaminous» is a real storehouse of benefits for your health! Its aromatic composition includes natural Altai herbs that were grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of chemicals, hand-picked and mixed with dried berries and flowers.

Come on and buy very tasty and above all healthy novelties!

Natural products for eyelashes and eyebrows

Long and healthy lashes can adorn any look. However, sometimes eyelashes fall out, or somewhat like dandruff appears on them, causing a slight itch. These problems (it would seem that they are a minor) often make it impossible to show others the natural beauty of your eyelashes.

Eyelashes have not only an aesthetic function, they are also very important for eyes. Do not forget that they protect them from sunlight, filtering its rays, and prevent the ingress of dust and other foreign objects. The stronger and thicker your lashes are, the better it is for your health. Do you want to learn how to make them healthy and beautiful?

Siberina has prepared for you cool and natural new products for the health and beauty of your eyelashes and eyebrows!

Caring gel for eyelashes after extension with vitamin complex A, E, C provides professional intensive care for lashes, soothing and toning the skin of the eyelids. The composition, rich in nutrients, enhances cell regeneration, promotes active growth and increases the volume of eyelashes, which is especially important after extension.

Natural gel for growth and restoration of eyelashes and eyebrows with hyaluronic acid is designed to quickly restore lashes after extension, as well as to accelerate the growth of eyebrows. The natural formula actively stimulates the dornant hair follicles, takes care of the hair, strengthens it and makes it more neat and beautiful.

Natural toning oil for eyelashes and eyebrows «Expressive look» provides professional care for eyelashes and eyebrows, increases the production of natural pigment, so that their color becomes darker and richer. Your look gets natural beauty and expressiveness even without using mascara!

Natural intensive nutrition and growth stimulator for eyelashes and eyebrows with vitamin E increases the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, has an intense moisturizing and regenerating effect. Thanks to regular use, lashes and eyebrows become thicker, stronger and healthier.

The lashes have become sparse, thin and short after frequent extensions? Natural eyelashes remedy «Recovering after extension» contains special active ingredients that act directly on the roots of the eyelashes.

Natural serum «Stimulator of growth and volume of eyelashes» is created to transform your eyelashes, make them healthier, long and thick and also to provide active growth of new lashes. The composition contains oils and extracts which are natural growth stimulators. They provide professional daily care saturating eyelashes with nutriment and strengthen them. Return natural beauty to your eyelashes!

Natural restorative oil «Strength and health of eyelashes and eyebrows» for daily care works in several directions at once: it strengthens hair follicles, stimulates the growth of new hair, prolongs their life cycle and makes them more elastic. The oil also cares for the delicate skin of the eyelids: reduces redness, tones and tightens.

Natural restoring oil after eyelash extension with aloe vera will restore the density and Shine of your lashes that were lost after the extension procedures. The rich composition of the product nourishes and strengthens the hair, restores its structure. With regular use, the oil helps to put in order even the most weakened, short and sparse eyelashes.

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