SIBERINA on Central Asia Beauty Expo

Dear friends, the holding of exhibition events has been officially allowed, and we are pleased to announce that we are taking part in the international exhibition of the beauty industry, natural cosmetics and cosmetology Central Asia Beauty Expo! It will be held on August 11-13, 2021 in Almaty, the largest financial, economic and cultural center of Kazakhstan.

This year, more than 150 leading cosmetics manufacturers from different countries of the world will take part in the exhibition: Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, the USA, Korea, Poland, etc. Kirov region will be represented by several brands, and SIBERINA is one of them.

According to preliminary forecasts, more than 6,000 visitors are expected at the exhibition, among them are representatives of beauty salons, masters of the beauty industry, manufacturers, distributors and sales agents of cosmetics stores.

For us as manufacturers, this is a great opportunity to declare ourselves on the promising Central Asian market, to demonstrate our range and new products, to make new business acquaintances and discuss ways of further cooperation with potential customers and partners.

Would you like to get to know us and our natural cosmetics better? We will be glad to see everyone at the Central Asia Beauty Expo exhibition at the Atakent Expo exhibition Complex (42 Timiryazev str.). The exhibition opening hours are from 9 to 18 hours. Look for SIBERINA at the stand of the Kirov region.

We are sure that this will be a bright and cool event that will give all participants and guests a lot of discoveries and new business opportunities! You can't miss this!

New SIBERINA. Natural face creams

Face cream perhaps is the most versatile cosmetic product in the arsenal of beauty of every girl and woman. This is the basis of daily self-care, which is why it is so important to find a remedy that will be effective for your age, skin type and features. What do we usually expect from a cream?

First of all, it should moisturize, nourish and protect the skin from various adverse factors. But modern natural creams are capable of more: they mattify, smooth and tighten the skin, fight acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, even out the complexion and restore youth, tone and radiance to your skin.

Every day our skin is exposed to aggressive environmental influences. UV radiation, pollution and stress disrupt energy metabolism and cellular respiration, the protective functions of the skin decrease, and the first signs of aging appear: loss of elasticity, dull complexion, wrinkles. The natural cream «Charge of energy» against the first signs of aging and fatigue of the skin is able to prevent them: it will "erase" the traces of fatigue and fading, filling your skin with health, youth and radiance! The cream contains RIBOSE, a natural cellular "energizer" that stimulates the synthesis of ATP molecules necessary for cells to function normally, and improves cellular respiration.

Natural cream-fluid with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera is a real salvation for dry, dehydrated skin! Thanks to its light and airy texture, it is instantly absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling, provides long-lasting hydration, nutrition and comfort. The result is that your skin is noticeably smoother, fresher and radiant. hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes affect both the upper and deeper layers of the epidermis, saturate them with moisture and actively fight the signs of aging.

To maintain the beauty and youth of the skin, it must be saturated with vitamins, both from the inside and outside. Natural face cream «Vitamin complex A, E, C, F» with rosehip oil will provide comprehensive skin care: deep nutrition, hydration, recovery and protection from negative environmental factors.

Properly selected cream and regular care really work wonders! See for yourself - try the new products-face creams from SIBERINA with natural essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins.

SIBERINA’s hot new products. For perfect body shape

If you didn't have time to prepare your figure for the summer or just thought that it was time to get in shape for the beach season, then there is a chance to make it! Modeling oils, creams, home wraps-find your own. SIBERINA is in a hurry to please you with her hot new products! Wraps are an effective cosmetic procedure for modeling individual parts of the body. Weight loss wraps were first practiced in Egypt (during the reign of Cleopatra). Today, the method is generally available and enjoys wide popularity. It allows you to increase the attractiveness of the image and improve the health of the skin.

Hot chocolate wrap for burning fat deposits with hesperidin is a popular spa procedure that is very effective for losing weight and fighting cellulite. With a natural mixture for wrapping from SIBERINA, you can easily repeat this salon procedure at home. The product has a toning, nourishing and tightening effect, perfectly fights stress and fatigue, and the sweet tantalizing aroma of chocolate creates a great mood. You will find complete relaxation during the wrap and beautiful, elastic skin after it!

Body gel 3 in 1 «Losing weight, fighting cellulite and increasing skin elasticity» with elastin acts in three directions at once: it effectively fights cellulite, increases skin elasticity, and also helps to reduce local fat deposits in problem areas. Regular use of the gel will ensure smoothness and tone of the skin, make your figure more slender and taut.

Thanks to the original combination of components, the natural modeling lifting mask for the body «Fire and Ice» has a double effect: MENTHOL AND MINT ESSENTIAL OIL cool, and a COMPLEX OF EXTRACTS OF BLACK PEPPER, CINNAMON AND GINGER, on the contrary, has a warming effect. This contrast effect stimulates the receptors and increases blood circulation in the skin cells. Due to this, the mask helps to reduce puffiness, tones and tightens the skin of problem areas, forming an attractive silhouette.

Anti-cellulite body cream mask «Body shape correction» with red pepper and ginger will help you say goodbye to the «orange peel» and extra centimeters in problem areas. The product contains natural oils and extracts that provide a lymphatic drainage effect, help reduce the fat layer and even out the skin relief. As a result of regular use, your skin becomes more elastic, smooth and taut, and the volumes «melt».

Warming massage oil for elasticity and slimness of the body with Gotu-Cola extract is optimally suited for anti-cellulite massage. It moisturizes and softens the skin, provides easy sliding of the hands and makes the massage procedure even more effective, eliminating fluid stagnation and restoring skin tone and elasticity. The result is a seductively smooth and elastic skin, clearer and tighter body contours.

New SIBERINA. Natural hand cream-soap

Does the cream soap really include a cream? This is not quite true, they got their name because of the creamy consistency, because of which it becomes more pleasant to use such a liquid soap than an ordinary lumpy one, devoid of moisturizing components. Usually, hand cream soap gives an abundant foam that effectively copes with dirt and cares for hands. An important plus of such products is a variety of flavors, among which you can find one that you will like.

Natural cream soap SIBERINA is a 2-in-1 product that will provide gentle cleansing and intensive moisturizing of the delicate skin of the hands. The product effectively eliminates bacteria and dirt without violating the natural protective barrier of the skin, does not cause dryness and tightness, gives a pleasant aroma and a feeling of comfort after washing your hands. So, let's get acquainted with the new products!

Moisturizing hand cream-soap «Aloe vera» actively moisturizes, refreshes and soothes the skin.

Hypoallergenic hand cream-soap «Chamomile» for sensitive skin soothes, heals and gently tones dry, sensitive skin, eliminates inflammation and redness. Hypoallergenic cream soap is designed for the most sensitive skin, suitable even for newborns. The product acts gently and gently, the skin after it remains soft and tender. The risk of developing allergic reactions is reduced to zero.

Antibacterial hand cream-soap «Tea tree» has disinfecting, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Softening hand cream-soap «Mango» effectively eliminates bacteria and dirt without breaking the natural protective barrier of the skin, does not cause dryness and tightness, gives a deliciously sweet mango aroma and a feeling of comfort after washing your hands.

Liquid soap «Household» is perfect for washing of hands and dishes, disinfecting and cleaning floors, walls, windows and any surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, soaking and hand washing all types of fabrics. You can easily maintain cleanliness in the house without harming the health of your family.

The skin after even frequent use becomes smooth and velvety, and a pleasant aroma that lasts for a long time creates a good mood.

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