Natural care for colored hair

Hair color is of great importance in nature and in our lives. And often affects the mood. Changing hair color gives a positive surge to change, refreshes the perception of life in general. But along with the new shade of hair, the hassle is added. Care lines and procedures are built around the dye. But what if we can't do every hair wash in the salon? How do we cope at home so that the hair pleases with color and shine for longer?

After coloring, the hair, although it acquires a beautiful color and shade, can become:




with split ends;



It is impossible to do without preventive and restorative care for colored hair at home.

The composition of shampoos for colored hair includes regenerating components that primarily moisturize the hair. SIBERINA has prepared basic home care for you:

For dark hair, a great option would be a set of shampoo and conditioner with keratin and argan oil "Saving color brightness". This complex is designed specifically to protect the color and restore hair damaged after coloring. They help to maintain a beautiful, rich shade, smoothness and radiance of dark hair, preventing color washing out, dehydration and weakening of curls.

Solid shampoo concentrate "Color protection and restoration" restores the structure of brittle hair and gives them shine.

Bleached hair needs nutrition and regular toning. To preserve the shade, use set with keratin "Neutralization of yellowness" - it helps to maintain a beautiful, rich blonde, smoothness and radiance of the hair, preventing their dehydration and weakening.

And also:

comb your hair twice a day;

moisturize and nourish the hair with oil (do not forget about the roots);

protect your hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Be sure to use masks, do not skip this stage. Cream mask "Color care" restores beauty and strength to hair that has been dyed or treated with chemicals, simultaneously nourishes, moisturizes, creates a protective barrier and restores hair at the cellular level.

Apply argan oil to your hair once a week. In order for the blonde hair not to turn yellow from the oil, you need to add 5-8 drops of lemon or chamomile essential oil.

Lemon essential oil

Chamomile essential oil

Mature skin care

Mature/age-related skin - skin with signs of chronological aging, including increased dryness, decreased firmness and elasticity, the appearance of facial and deep wrinkles, age spots, visible capillaries, bags under the eyes. Such skin requires special attention and carefully selected care. It is better to give preference to natural remedies saturated with useful oils and extracts. Siberina has prepared for you a selection of mature skin care products — they complement each other perfectly. So let's get started.

Gentle cleansing

Age-related skin gradually loses its protective lipid layer and needs very gentle means. One of them is the micellar water "Sage". Gently removes makeup without disturbing the lipid layer and without causing irritation. Sage essential oil revitalizes tarnished skin, makes it fresher and blooming.

After removing makeup with micellar water, it is necessary to remove its remnants with the help of a anti-aging foam-mousse face wash.

A very gentle remedy with wheat protein and strong plant extracts - gently cleanses the skin of the face, removing makeup, sebaceous plugs and other impurities. Returns a healthy complexion without feeling tightness.

Restoration of water balance

After washing, even with the mildest means, it is desirable to restore the water balance of the skin and prepare it for applying serum and cream. For mature skin, sage hydrolate is an excellent option. It rejuvenates, slows down the formation of fine wrinkles, moisturizes and relieves irritation.

Well, our favorite tonics, a tonic for the face and eye area "Rejuvenating" is suitable here. This wonderful remedy will instantly refresh your face and remove traces of fatigue.

Nutrition and hydration

After cleansing and moisturizing procedures, you can proceed to the most important thing - the application of nourishing and moisturizing elixirs. We recommend you to try "Rejuvenating" facial serum - wheat protein, aloe vera gel and rose hydrolate instantly restore the optimal moisture level and have a strong rejuvenating effect. The product is applied in the evening, as an independent or 15 minutes before applying the cream. Remember that every 3-4 months you need to take a break for a month — to avoid addiction, since the serum is concentrated.

After the serum or hydrolate, apply the anti-aging day cream — its composition is rich in valuable oils and extracts that help preserve youth and radiance of the skin.

Or a "Charge of Energy" face cream against the first signs of aging and skin fatigue.

To enhance the effect, try our wonderful face mask "Rejuvenating". Due to the high concentration of natural wheat germ oil and rose ether, your skin is saturated with vitamins and substances that slow down the aging process. It significantly smoothes and tightens the skin.

Natural products for mature skin from Siberina is a great idea for a New Year's gift!

Natural face and body scrubs

Scrub is one of the stages of cleansing. Many people believe that only oily skin with enlarged pores needs this procedure. In fact, this is not the case. The products come with different particles and composition — from harder and larger to very small.

Cleansing of dead cells improves oxygen metabolism, increases blood circulation and skin perception of other cosmetics. Therefore, some types of soothing and moisturizing masks are recommended to be applied after the scrub. The skin becomes smooth and clean — it is noticeable immediately!

Natural facial scub "Pore Cleansing" deeply cleanses the skin, removing sebaceous plugs, opening pores and brightening the skin of the face. Suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores.

Natural facial scrub "Soft peeling" is designed for normal and dry skin. In winter, it is also suitable for combined. The scrub gently cleanses and polishes your skin, smoothing it and preparing it for applying a mask or serum.

Scrub "Hydration and nutrition" is the most gentle of the presented. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Salt body scrub "Anti-Cellulite" exfoliates the skin, accelerates blood microcirculation, promotes the breakdown of fat deposits, visibly tightens the skin and eliminates cellulite during the course of wraps, has a slight warming effect.

Sugar body scrub "Regenerating" perfectly cleanses the skin of the body without injuring or damaging it. Natural ingredients eliminate peeling, smoothing the texture of the skin, making it soft and velvety. After applying the product, blood circulation increases, skin cells are enriched with oxygen.

Sugar body scrub "Coffee" exfoliates the skin, accelerates blood microcirculation, promotes the breakdown of fat deposits, visibly tightens the skin and visibly relieves cellulite.

Natural bath products

Someone visits the bathhouse to get "special" cleanliness, someone wants to warm up properly and increase their immunity, someone helps to get rid of stress and anxiety after a working week, and someone just likes the atmosphere. For whatever purpose you are going to the bath - do not forget about the addition of a beauty ritual — this is a great and pleasant idea!

Before visiting the steam room, you need to thoroughly wash off your makeup. Use micellar water "Gentle Cleansing", effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

Perhaps it will be a surprise for someone to apply balms on the lips before visiting the steam room, but the delicate skin of the lips can react to sudden temperature changes with dryness and cracks: protect it by applying a dense layer of nourishing Sea Buckthorn balm.

After the first visit, use a scrub. Soft, steamed skin readily absorbs useful components, but it is easy to injure it. Choose products with delicate, granules and natural composition, for example, salt and coffee peels based on oils and plant extracts. Here a sugar body scrub "Coffee" will serve as an excellent option.

A good option would be to apply a face mask while you are resting. Cleansing facial mask gently cleanses the skin and narrows the pores, nourishes, tones, restores the hydrolipidic balance and increases the elasticity of the skin.

Do not forget to take a complex of essential oils "For bath and sauna" with you to the bath - it helps to increase sweating and remove toxins and toxins from the body, tones and renews the skin.

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